Sunday, October 5, 2008 14:29

Woke up today and I received Edward's message. Decided to meet up with him so we ended up in Kopitiam since he wanted to show me his 'masterpiece' so badly. Haha, if you guys still have no idea bout his 'masterpiece', check my previous post. So we planned to call Pheroshen along. Started to talk bout college life and stuffs, glad that you guys are having fun in KL. And at least we had the chance to meet up today.

So anyway, we were bored so we planned to go for badminton...AGAIN! Went to stadium, booked the court and we all headed home, changed and came out again. Pheroshen's brother came along with us too. It has been a while since I met that fella, cute as always! Haha. Wanted to call Daniel along but our friend wanted to swim. Played till around 3pm, checked my phone and OMG! So many messages from Anna, was supposed to meet up with her since she came to Ipoh again. Yay! But I was on the court when she texted me and my phone was not with me. Sorry Anna =( She called after that, guess she was tired of sending 'no-reply' messages to me. Haha.

Sent Pheroshen, his bro and Edward home after that. Went back home, bathed and drove out again, this time to Jusco. The traffic was just *speechless*! Cars here, there and everywhere! Obviously, it was so hard to get a free parking space. Argh, met Anna after that. She cut her hair and she looked different although she kept on saying she still looked the same. Haha. Like her new hairstyle anyway =P Walked around Jusco for a while and we went to kopitiam...AGAIN! This time to meet Toufu. (Toufu, sorry bout what happened this morning. Haha) Thanks for the drinks, Anna! =D Sat there and started camwhoring with her 5MP phone. LOL!

Received Daniel's text message after that, was supposed to collect our FIFA09 from this shop in Ipoh Garden today. Sent Anna back to Jusco after that and we went to Ipoh Garden to meet up with Daniel. He went for a haircut it seems. OMG! There's like nothing to cut la, wonder why he went for a haircut.

And yea, got my FIFA09...finally! Was so happy, came back home and started to play! The graphics are better as compared to 08 I suppose, just that the players seem to be 'thinner' if you compare them with EURO 2008. That's my opinion anyway, don't have to bother so much. And remember I mentioned about the mouse + keyboard gameplay? It's something new here, you guys should try it yourselves.

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