"With one turn your day is now my night"
Sunday, September 28, 2008 15:40

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Take That - Reach Out

I couldn stop listening to this song. Been listening to this song for like a 'million' times today. Loving it - the song and the lyrics. Another song recommendation.

"The world sleeps at different times, with one turn your day is now my night."

Okay, went back to school yesterday. Wanted to check out how's the school now. Parked my car and I saw the 'canteen uncle', the one who sells fruit juices. Started chatting with him about the school and stuffs. Went to the Scout Den after that, it's been a while since I met those people there. So it was 'Traditional Dance', it reminds me when I was in Form One, dancing with both my PIC's, no PL and no PS. Cool uh? Only 3 of us came and danced and it was so so embarrassing. It has been a while since the last 'Traditional Dance' we had, which was like 2 years back? Anyway, here are the pics I took yesterday and I remember I laughed a lot! Check these pics out and leave a comment k? XD

3 weeks semester break and I still do not know what to do in Ipoh. I was so bored and I remember Toufu saved this RO folder in my lappie. Haha, started to search for it and started playing. Ah, the world of RO. It has been a while since I played RO, still loving it! But, I forgotten everything bout RO, crap! So what I did was I started to make new friends and I got to know this guy, named 'Hot Sauce'. A very friendly guy and he's damn pro man. LOL!

And I was thinking, I used to play this private server called 'Mayu' together with my schoolmates when we were in Form Five. Lots of memories, my friends are now 'scattered' all over Malaysia and Singapore. Haha, so anyway, goggled and downloaded that server and went in. Surprisingly, those people inside recognized me. Cool! It's been almost a year since I met these guys. People like 'Real', Kit, 'Murder', 'SinX4eva', miss them! Haha, and if you guys are reading my blog now, sorry that you guys cant get to contact me before this cause I changed my msn address. Anyway, my new msn address:


Okay, I love hitz.fm. Everytime I get into the car and it will always be 92.7. I might tune into Fly.fm once in a while but that does not matter. Heard Ean mentioned that he got a blog and I heard Natalie having a Facebook account. Came back and started to read Ean's blog, Natalie's next, JJ, Rudy and more. Spent like 2 hours reading them. Lots of interesting, funny and disgusting stuffs. So if you guys are interested, you can get the links from the 'Friends' page in my blog. Watched some clips from the MTV Asia Awards 2008 and yea, check out this video from YouTube where Adam got 'Gotcha-ed' by the PussycatDolls. Haha.

Starting to like Paramore's songs. I've discovered this band not long ago and I'm loving it already. Love Hayley and her orange mic. Haha. Till then, tcare.

Love this pic

"I drowned out all my sense with the sound of its beating."

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