Our life in Kampar for the past few months
Tuesday, September 30, 2008 23:19

This might be quite a long post because there might be quite a lot of photos. Why? I was browsing through this folder I have on my desktop that contains all the photos we took in Kampar for the past few months. Since it's sem. break now, I plan to post up these photos on my blog because they do bring back some memories. Some photos are cool, some are funny and some are just plain dumb! So I decided to make a compilation of these photos. Enjoy! Haha.

This was taken when the lecture hall was EMPTY

During the exams, in my room

They call this the 'war zone'

..and again

"A broom on my right and a hanger on my left?"

Yeap, the chipmunks. LOL!

"I am the yellow ranger"=P

War zone #2

Yeap, that's Westlake's Visitor Pass

I just love "Daniel", the dog

Ah, I remember that 'Tom & Jerry' tie


After debate

He was drunk. He thought it was a cigarette =P

The birthday boy's present

Look at those eyes. He spotted a BIGGER winter melon. Haha

They called this the 'Pantene' advertisment

I wonder what were we doing, gosh!



Great! That's my bed, guys


The mess we made in KFC

And there's the birthday boy

He loves the fork

Daniel was just too hungry

Looi Gor's holding Daniel back and he's still HUNGRY!

I blame stress

He found his 'house'. Haha

And they call me GAY!

The best spot in UTAR


Ah, I rmb the 'kancil push'

Street soccer? At 1am?

The debate discussion we had

Aaron, Daniel, Kuan Cheng

The memorable 'pink day'. LOL!

Aaron says "Why pink?"

Like a small kid

Totally AGREE!!!

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