Monday, September 22, 2008 11:27

Sem. break is here! I remembered we waited so long for this sem. break and yea, everybody's gone! Kampar is like so 'empty' without students. Thinking back, Physcis, Chemistry and Maths paper last week. Teruk la, din get enough sleep and all as usual. Visited the vending machine a few times to get coffee. Played basketball at 3am, called Adrian out and stuffs. I kinda miss last week thou, I miss all those stuffs we did. Studying is not that boring after all. LOL!

Notice those coffee cups and Livita cans >.<

Was supposed to come back to Ipoh on Saturday right after Maths paper but I ended up coming back yesterday. Went out 'yum cha' with friends at night, went to Premas to watch the football match and headed home. Most of them were unable to join us cause they were all gone! Haha.

Us at Premas (Sorry for the photo quality once again.)

Came back to Ipoh and watched Armageddon that Toufu downloaded when we were in Kampar. Yan Ming told me it was nice and asked me to watch it no matter what. The movie was so so nice! And I actually cried towards the end of the movie. Paiseh. Haha, but yea, to those who haven watch the movie yet, watch it! And I'm so gonna watch it for the second time.

Armageddon, a Michael Bay film

Ohya, I realized my Internet connection sucks! Even the connection in Kampar is so so much better. Could not 'tahan' and called Streamyx this morning and complained. That guy asked me so many questions. Sien. But anyway, they kinda fixed my connection now. So far, so good.

It seems that we'll be going to Setapak and Penang anytime soon. Can't wait for it.

Missing you guys

Till the, do take care yea? Will see you guys anytime soon. And to the rest, will see you guys next sem. And I hope there will not be any transferring or anything. Hope everything remains as it was. Keep in touch and God Bless!

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