PC Fair 2008
Saturday, September 13, 2008 23:11

Just came back to Ipoh yesterday and I slept, slept and slept. Even woke up late this morning, checked some stuffs online and continued sleeping. Imagine how tired and sleepy I was. Did not plan to study today cause I feel like revising my Physcis and Chemistry when I get back to Kampar tomorrow. 3 more exams and FREEDOM! Okay, I came back to Ipoh this weekend mainly for PC Fair in Stadium Indera Mulia. Waited so long for PC Fair. Let's see, I planned and bought quite a number of stuffs thou;

1. A 4GB pendrive (since mine is infected by UTAR babies.)
2. An iPOD, hoping that I can find one there.
3. An external hard disk.
4. 2 notebook cooler pads (broke mine in Kampar few days ago & another one for Anna.)
5. Memory card readers.
6. 2 USB hubs. (For both Anna and me.)
7. A screen protector.
7. A 8GB pendrive for Anna.
8. A keyboard protector for Toufu

Headed to Stadium Indera Mulia right after the rain stopped. Was excited and there were so many people. Normal la, PC Fair wert. Surprisingly, there were more people last year, time problem maybe.

Went there and started to compare prices. Walked around for like half an hour and started to buy, buy and BUY! Things are like so cheap! PC Fair wert, what do you expect? Haha, called Toufu after that and asked him what he wanted to buy, managed to get him a keyboard protector for RM5. LOL! Asked me to get him an external hard disk but I was broke. Bought quite a number of stuffs for myself. Managed to get everything except an iPOD =( So, I'll have to save up the money to get myself a new phone instead. Muahaha! XD.

What I managed to get from the ICT's booth;

A notebook skin

A keyboard protector

A screen guard/protector

Got these 3 items+ an additional keyboard and screen protector for...

What I managed to get from RedCom's booth;

4 Ports USB Hub

All in 1 Memory Card Reader

2 items for RM43.00

And more stuffs;

2 notebook cooler pads for RM15.00 each

Kingston 4GB pendrive for RM36.00

Got another 4 Ports USB Hub and a Kingston 8GB pendrive for Anna and a keyboard protector for Toufu. And of course, I got myself a black and cool 160GB HDD. LOL! Bought almost everything I want and headed home with satisfaction. Haha! And I realised I really love black, orange and white. Those stuffs I bought are mostly in black or orange =P.

Ohya, it's Jia Huei's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Looi Gor! Sorry I was not there to wish and celebrate with you yesterday. So wait for me till I get back tomorrow k?

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