Friday, September 26, 2008 11:14

Anna came down to Ipoh yesterday. Since she'll reach Ipoh around 8.40, I woke up at around 7.30am and headed to Toufu's house and Daniel's next. Settled everything and drove straight to the bus station. Okay, it was my first time driving to Medan Kidd? The traffic was just so 'teruk'. Anyway, received a text message from Anna saying that the bus will be arriving quite late, got delayed or something. So 3 of us went exploring Ipoh-Old Town. Seriously, 3 of us did not know where to go. Toufu said he was hungry so we planned to have breakfast first, went round and round Old Town but everywhere seem to be packed with people. So we headed back to the bus station, picked Anna up and went to this coffee shop in Old Town. Toufu took us to that place and the stuffs there are quite good. Love the curry mee! XD

After breakfast, went to Parade after that and started to shop, shop & SHOP! Haha, every one of us bought something thou except Jia Huei I think. Hmmm. Some random pics in Parade;

Okay, we did some silly stuffs again...as usual! We were helping Jia Huei to 'change his style', that's what Toufu said. And what we did? We grabbed some crappy clothes, passed it to Jia Huei, kicked him into the fitting room, came out and took some photos although we were not allowed to and passed the clothes back to the salesgirl and said we'll come back later. And yea, pics again.

Dressing up

Still dressing up

Ta-da!!!! LOL!

Went to the other shops and did the same stuffs again. 'No-life' university students. Haha.

We had too much free time kay?

Dressing up...AGAIN!

Hello, Bro. Looi!

Bought some stuffs from Parade too. Bought 2 'Baby Milo' tees. Anna and Daniel bought 1 each too, was thinking of wearing them to lecture. Haha, kinda like the tees although I'm not a 'Baby Milo' fan or anything. Just bought them cause they looked kinda special and 'cute'? The shop owner even asked me, he said the yellow colour thingy is a sponge right? And that's a monkey? What's the pink coloured thingy then? He did not really believe me when I said it's a starfish.

Baby Milo, Patrick & Spongey

I love Armageddon, and I love this tee =P

Went for lunch and went to Jusco after that. Took pics where we're not allowed to. Was in Padini with Anna and I met Kar May, din know that she's working there. Thought she's working in Parade or something. Haha, but at least the pay is okay. Din see her for like so so long.


In Padini

Went to Giordano and get another tee for myself and I really really love that tee! It's in black and orange as usual. Sorry that I grabbed Toufu to get another piece of shirt cause it's cheaper if we bought 2. He bought the same design but it was another colour. Thanks Toufu! Haha.

World Without Strangers

Din really come out and lepak since I came back to Ipoh. Was kinda happy that I get to hang out with my friends yesterday. It was a tiring day but it was fun! At least I see my friends were having fun too. Sorry I 'forced' Toufu to come out with us yesterday, and sorry i 'forced' him to buy that shirt. Haha, he was sick thou. Get well soon, bro! And it's my turn to fall sick, hate falling sick!

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