Cockroach Hunting
Wednesday, September 3, 2008 22:31

Just a short update. Went for revision class this morning. Maths class, felt that time passed so fast. Cause Aaron was listening the whole time, cause Aaron's maths sucks big time! My results were so so bad. So anyway, revision class in DDK1, so huge! Kinda like that place thou. So anyway, skipped Comp. Studies' revision class cause the lecturer said what she wanted to say in the previous class. Went to library with Daniel and Chun Fye after that. Spent like 3 hours doing Maths. We fell in love with matrices! LOL! Stayed there till around 5.30pm and headed home. But before that, we bought egg tarts. The egg tarts are so delicious. Bought from the same shop for 2 times already. Went to Daniel's house after that since he wanted to bath. Entered his room and as it was so 'NEAT' as usual. Haha.

Daniel's room

Ever wondered what he told me? He was like "Aaron, there are a lot of cockroaches in my room recently". And I did not bother until I kicked this bag right inside the cabinet and the cockroaches were like running towards me. I was like WTF?! And you know what? Daniel told me there are like 5-6 cockroaches. i HATE cockroaches. Haha.

I actually stood outside the room and Daniel was busy 'cockroach-hunting'. Haha, more funny pics...

Cockroach hunting

Went for dinner after that and we saw a gift shop. Cool! Haha, went in and fooled around again with a cute chipmunk! XD

'cheap-monk' VS chipmunk!

And I taught Daniel how to wear a helmet! LOL!

Daniel says "I love Brazil!"

Till then, take care and God Bless.

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