Thursday, September 18, 2008 18:05

Late update due to exams this week. So sorry, today was chemistry. Guess the paper was okay, at least I could pass...I hope =P. Came back to Kampar on Sunday cause my books were all here, couldn't get to study in Ipoh. Why? Cause I went back Ipoh to sleep! and for the PC Fair of course. Haha, studied a lil bit and my friends called me out. For Jia Huei's birthday celebration thingy, it was Jia Huei's birthday a few days back. My friends did all the planning when I was in Ipoh, sorry that I did not contribute much. Went dinner with Jia Huei, Daniel and Toufu before that. We were like driving around town and we saw this new place, so we decided to check it out! It's kinda cool because the place looks so 'antique'.

Sorry for the photo qualities, my phone sucks when it comes to taking photos, especially at night. The dinner was okay and it was expensive! But since it was Jia Huei's birthday, tak apa lah. Went back home after that, and we went to Westlake at 10pm. And since it was mooncake festival, we were playing with lanterns, candles and stuffs. The last time I played with all these was like 10 years back? Haha, so anyway, Liang Chee was busy fishing and he managed to get like 6-7 of them. Cool!

Yu Jin, Aaron & Jia Huei

Yan Ming, Aaron & Li Wen

Anna, Li Wen, Jess & Yan Ming


Were we drunk? =P

Did quite alot of dumb stuffs that time. And the birthday boy was drunk, obviously! Went back home to study after that, went to Danish House's office to get a cup of coffee before that.

Happy Birthday, Lui Gor!

The birthday boy bought condoms from 7/11 and imagine what we did. Lol!

Birthday boy's idea, nothing to do with me. Haha! Conclusion, low quality condom. RM1, what do you expect la, birthday boy?

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