Wednesday, September 10, 2008 01:25

I'm dead tired now, it's already 1.30a.m now and Econs examination tomorrow. I only slept like for a few hours these few days. I feel like there's so much more to study! Sucks man! Couldn't understand what I'm reading already, so my as well update my blog-just a short update. Wanted to ask Adrian out again thou, to cycle! So at least we get some semangat to study after that. Haha, but it's not that good to kacau people every night right? =P

Was bored this afternoon, so I went and explore the net and started to search for some photo editing softwares. I know friends who are damn pro in editing thou, really respect them. Cekapness! Anyway, I had some friends who asked me about photo editing softwares so here are those that I use. Just some recommendations-Paint.NET, PhotoImpact X3 and PhotoScape. Well, these are the few programmes that I use. Was kinda free this afternoon, so I editted some pics from my UTAR folder. Haha.

There is nothing so easy to learn as experience.

Product of PhotoImpact X3 and Paint.NET

Good luck for Econs later. And I gotta continue with my revision. Take care.

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