SMI Play
Sunday, August 17, 2008 17:27

Saturday - SMI play, went back to school in the morning for scouts. Went back there with Pheroshen and saw Jyi Haow, Ganesh and Koy Yew, senior instructors di. Haha, it was "Backwoodsman Cooking", how I miss cooking and getting yourself smelling like a roasted chicken after the agenda. So anyway, seeing more new scouts that I do not know. But it was cool, went there till around 11 something, came back during food inspection cause I was too sleepy, I wanna sleep!

"Backwoodsman Cooking..."

Yeap, there are always room for improvement. Happy scouting!

Came back and slept for like 2 hours, SMI play starting at 7.45 and it was raining heavily. Planned not to go thou, but then luckily I went, went back to SMI and I met alot of friends! Long lost friends! Went hunting for Mr. Chong since we miss him so much, chatted for a while and it was drama time. Met Zach and Sue Quin, if that's her name. And of course Jocelyn and Jiangmay! We entered the hall and started planning bout going yum cha later at night. Ohya, met Roshan, Kei Yan, Harvynder and more ex-classmates!

Watched half way and went out, chat chat chat. Since we din meet each other for like so so long. Jocelyn is still so energetic after knowing her for so many years. We talked bout her nursing experiences and of course our college experiences. Waited for the rest to come out and we went yum cha. So long since I saw Jiangmay too =( Stayed there till around 12am, and it was Daniel's birthday! I was the first one to wish him. Yay! Haha. Done everything and sent my friends back home, I remember Jocelyn complaining bout how bad and evil I am for not sending her back. LOL! Came back home and slept, and I'm already missing you guys =( Am wondering when we will have the chance to get together again. Till then, tcare and enjoy your 1 week break. I'm gonna be back in Kampar tomorrow. Once again, Happy Birthday Daniel!

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