Scouting for life
Tuesday, August 5, 2008 17:16

It was actually during my scouting years, when I started to meet new friends and to learn more bout myself and others. Somehow, I was browsing through my Friendster photos and it brings back memories. Memories bout what my friends and I actually did throughout our scouting life.

Yeap, we were small kids then. Haha, but somehow, scouting does teach you how important friends are. I actually knew most of my friends through scouting thou. Friends who are always there to help you and to make fun of you all the time but that's life. That's what my friends used to tell me because I was the one getting bullied all the time. Haha, to build my confidence it seems. Kinda miss those days thou.

PLs & PSs term 04/05

"Form 2 is still the best year la, although it was kinda suffering, running rounds and all". Yeap, punishments! But it was fun, fun that we get to run rounds together, get scolded together and stuffs. Remember when we used to choose our own mangroves? Ohya, and those crazy stuffs we used to do together. Remember?

Night before Gathering.

So, here are the rest of the pictures. Our handover ceremony.

Handover Ceremony Term 06/07

EXCO Term 06/07

Sec., L&B Sec, TL, ATL, QM, Treasurer

Fifth Formers 06/07

Fifth Formers 06/07

Till then, take care & all the best!

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