PHYSICS paper!
Saturday, August 2, 2008 19:29

Surprisingly, Aaron is blogging! I had a blog but it was like errrm, 4 years ago? I did not bother to update that blog somehow. And yea, went to UTAR and got influenced =D. My friends were like "Aaron, go get a blog!" and yea, made this one and it took me like 2 hours to learn and update those stuffs. What? I'm a slow learner you know?.

But anyway, I just came back to Ipoh this afternoon. Why? Mid-term test! PHYSICS paper. I took it and I FAILed I suppose =(. I don't know what went wrong anyway, my friends were complaining too. So, no point worrying so much. I should have just followed Bong out last night. Sniff Sniff, studied like what only. Woke up with panda eyes some more!

Ohya, met Adrian after the test. Funny guy, I asked him how was the exam and he was like "40 marks only ma, give back UTAR la!" and Daniel crumbled up the test paper and threw it right into the dustbin. LOL?

Physics question paper

Went out for breakfast after that, the girls wanted to eat 'dim sum' i think. Went to this 'dim sum' shop and Jess said it was a celebration. Haha, that was what she told me the yesterday, no more CS assigment and no more PHYSICS! But she was pretty blur today, hmmm. Get more sleep, Jess! =P. Ohya, guys? Guess I wont be going back to Kampar tomorrow, but I'll try k? Anyway, good luck Bong & team! =D

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