Glad that you stopped and stared
Sunday, August 10, 2008 21:10

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"Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open."

I came back to Ipoh yesterday, which was a Saturday and I missed all the fun in Kampar once AGAIN! Sigh =( But anyway, was chatting with some of my friends today thou and I got to know bout what they did last night. So so fun! Haha, and no point worrying bout it right? So anyway, heard that my group mates went yum cha as usual. And I wonder if they made Daniel sing last night. Hmmm, imagine Daniel carrying his guitar all the way to mamak and start singing? COOL~!
So anyway, heard they went up to Jalan Mati and Daniel was the driver?! OMG! Daniel driving a Waja? LMAO! He's okay in driving thou, it's just that he doesn really make use of the side mirrors. Scary! The last time I saw him driving was a month back? where he was driving my friend's Atos and we nearly met with an accident. So I'm imagining how did he managed to drive Jia Huei's Waja. Haha. I-M-A-G-I-N-E...

" the time i move to setapak sure will reach the standard one"

So anyway, will be going back to Kampar tomorrow and gotta start with reports and debate session will be on Thursday. Crap! I still don't feel like debating thou =( Ohya, btw, good luck to the girls as their debate session will be on Tuesday. They'll do fine I suppose. Am already planning to settle my reports by Tuesday. Sigh.

Was browsing through the songs I had in my old playlist. Currently listening to One Republic - Stop and Stare. Still find the lyrics 'cekap'. Am repeating the song for like the third time now. Searched the Net bout what this particular song is all about and the results are quite interesting thou.

" It is about a person that wants to move on with his life and do things he has always wanted to do but it is hard to let go of the past."
by Katherine

"This song is talking about trying to get out of where you are and going wherever you've always wanted to and doing what you've always wanted to."
by yipeenikki

Stop and Stare...

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