Explore Daniel's room!
Wednesday, August 6, 2008 01:24

Went for economics tutorial, hoping that there wont be any maths tutorial after that. Kena con by Juon la, saying we'll be having 2 hours break after econs =(. So anyway, here are some pics.

During Econs tutorial

Went for Comp. Studies lecture after Maths tutorial, debate! Sorry that we gave a few comments during the debate =( So anyway, we love Edmund! Haha.

Debate Session

Went to Daniel's house after lecture because my house mate locked my toilet door! Cant get to bath, sniff sniff. Anyway, forget bout me. Have you guys ever wonder how Daniel's room looks like? Freaking 'neat' and 'tidy' man. I'm actually risking my life when i entered his room today. Haha. More pics!


Time for dinner then, our friend was planning on what to wear!

Daniel and his 'territory'

Signing off.

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