Debate (Part 2)
Friday, August 15, 2008 23:31

The previous post was too long i suppose, so I decided to write a second post. So as I've said, debate went quite well and we all went 'siao' right? Went back home and slept again, since we slept at 2am the night before. Slept till around 6pm and Anna called. Planned to go Tesco. YEAH! Was supposed to go during the opening but too bad...debate discussion =( So anyway, went to Tesco for dinner at the food court and yeap, start snapping photos again!

Daniel took this pic, random pic

Went to the supermarket and started fooling around, went to 'Living Cabin' and did the same thing. Release stress kononnya. Ohya, remember that "fit" lady in Takasima? Long run profit. LOL!

Toufu & Jia Huei (The last photo was taken a day after)

In 'Living Cabin'...

Anna says "SHIT!" XP

Bought some stuffs and went to Anna's house after that to get those debate pics. And there goes Thursday. Today's Friday, exams from 6.30 to 7.30pm. Crazy! It was raining and I had to cycle to campus with Kuan Cheng. But after exams, took pics with Anna's phone again. Haha.

Some lighting effect in Block D

Came back to Ipoh after that and it took me almost 2 hours to update my blog today. Dead tired already, gotta sleep di. Going to school tomorrow, for scouts =)

Ohya, took this photo a few days back. Anna said the photo's really really nice. I just took the photo from her on Wednesday and yeap, it's nice!

Till then, take care.

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