Debate (Part 1)
Friday, August 15, 2008 22:33

Sorry for not updating my blog for the past few days. Was quite busy thou. So anyway, this is gonna be a long post cause I've got lots to write. Had a very very fun week in Kampar. It was Tuesday, and our debate was on Thursday which was like 2 days more. We were so worried cause we were like so so not prepared for the debate. But no choice right? We still have to debate anyhow. Class ended at 6pm and we went out straight for dinner at "free chinese tea". Came back home at around 8pm and started to plan our scripts. Toufu and Jia Huei were asleep that time I suppose, but they came at around 8.30pm. Bong and gang came too and we did our discussion at the roadside.

Street soccer

We settled most of the stuffs at around 12am and yeap, we ended up playing street soccer and the ball ended up there-on the tree. Slept at around 2am and skipped Chemistry lecture the next day. It was Wednesday, discussion at night as usual. Was reading the points over and over again so that they'll stay inside my head and I still remember those points even till now!

Thursday, debate session day! Woke up at around 7am to get ready. Formal! My foot hurts, stupid leather shoes. So anyway, Jia Huei came and picked us up and we went to campus. Chemistry first, practical class. I remembered it was so funny, Kheng Zheng made me laugh like a mad fella there. "HYPERTENSION" it seems =P. Experiment ended early thou, so it was photo session time. Not forgetting Mr. Ng. Ohya, thanks Jessica for the lollipops, I haven even open that packet of lollipops yet. Next week k? Then I'll pass to the rest. Thanks again!

Us together with Mr. Ng

And more photos together with the debaters since we were all wearing formal, took photos like mad. Thanks Anna for the photos =)

Future doctors it seems =p

And I like this pic the most, love it!

Went back home to collect the printers and to hunt for my report which was with Chun Fye. I thought I've lost it. Went back to my house and Jia Huei started memorizing his speech again. Came back to campus and it was debate time! We were the fourth group which ended up being the second group I think. So, here are the pics.

Toufu, Aaron & Jia Huei

Opposition team

Sorry for not having more pics, will update this post when I get them k? And most importantly, thanks to those who supported us. Thanks so so much. You guys were great!

Supporters (and there were more...)

The debate went well, and everything was done! Felt so relieved! All went 'siao' and started taking more pics. Haha.

And more pics outside the lecture hall...

Love this pic =D

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