Daniel's 18th Birthday
Thursday, August 21, 2008 19:37

So sorry for the late update. Just got the photos from Anna today, so my as well update today. I'll start on Monday, which was Daniel's birthday. Okay, it was meant to be a surprise, and it still turned out as a surprise even though something happened. So anyway, it was Monday, went to lecture hall and Yan Ming called me. She was telling me something bout plates and cups. They planned something on MSN the night before it seems. Everyone has to bring their own cups and plates and we'll cook in Jess's house to celebrate Daniel's birthday. I have no idea bout the plans till they told me. So alright, the next plan was to visit TESCO after class to buy stuffs - loads and loads of stuffs. We were supposed to meet the girls in TESCO but I guess we were too late. So sorry, the girls did all the buying =P

Li Wen, Yan Ming & Jess

So anyway, we ended up in Jess's house and started preparing.

taken outside Jess's house

Jia Huei was so DESPERATE for his cheese powder and Daniel's coconut that we had to walk TESCO and get some more stuffs. Went into TESCO and start
hunting for stuffs. Went and hunt for plates and cups first since Daniel and I did not prepare for the "party". Then we went to hunt for coconut and on the way we saw DURIANS! They were so cheap that Jia Huei and I bought 4 packets which made me spent 10 bucks on it. We continued hunting for cheese powder and we bought ingredients for desert! I wanted to make desert so badly. Bought those stuffs which ended up costing 40 bucks and we went back to Jess's place. Everyone started to work then while Anna became our photographer again =D

Toufu, Jia Huei, Aaron, Li Wen & Yan Ming at work

I was preparing my "chewy's" sausages thou and it turn out quite fine. I wanted to make my all time favorite "sweet & sour chic" that I used to cook during my scouting years. Too bad, no chic. Then I made 'my' desert, hurt my finger opening the can. Toufu was in charged of his eggs, Yan Ming with her salad and mushroom soup, and of course we all helped out with the spaghetti =P

I was preparing the sausages when the birthday boy arrived. He was so hungry but we did not allow him to enter the kitchen. So he was sitting outside watching NTV7. Lucky lucky birthday boy.

Aaron preparing his "chewy's" sausages

What we managed to came up with...

Toufu's omelet

Yan Ming's salad

Aaron's desert

"Chewy's" sausages

Time to eat...


And yea, thanks Jess for letting us use your house. Made so much mess in your house. So sorry! Till then, tcare and all the best.

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