Clarence's Birthday, BBQ & an interesting week
Friday, August 29, 2008 23:13

Another late update. My house's connection is so bad that I can't even log into MSN. Only get to update after coming back to Ipoh, teruk la. This week is so so fun and I guess we can't hang out that much anymore. Exams are like so so near, and sem break after that. Somehow, I don't want sem break to come, although I was so desperate for holidays before this. I miss my friends! And I'm missing them already!

Monday! Went to TESCO after dinner to get stuffs, loads and loads of stuffs. Stuffs for BBQ on Tuesday. Toufu's housemate, Johny will be going back to KL, to become a hairstylist it seems. He is a very very good guy thou. Miss him =( So we brought Anna along to TESCO, felt so bad, it's like we wasted an hour of her time. Sorry Anna =(


Tuesday was Clarence's birthday. So we went to TESCO after classes once again, went to KFC. Bought a cake before that. Pics... (Ohya, it was another pink day thou, I love TD1 =P)



Birthday boy, Clarence

Happy Birthday, Clarence!

Went back to sleep after that, or was it a nap. Jia Huei called me after that, asking me to go to Toufu's house, for the BBQ. So I cycled over and on the way there, I met Venodh, Kumara and Bernard. Talked for a while and I went to Toufu's house noticing Yan Ming and Li Wen were already there, preparing salad like they did last week. People started to come and everyone were 'bbq-ing', and I seriously like those speakers and those songs. OMG! The songs were so so cekap! Avril Lavigne rocks! =P

Yan Ming, Aaron & Jessica

Yan Ming, Li Wen, Aaron & Jessica

Incase you're wondering who else were there...

Toufu, Daniel, Jia Huei, Li Wen

And more random pics...

The thingy ended at around 1am and we had lots of fun. Wanna have another bbq with my friends =(

Thursday was the last practical class and it was fun. For me it's fun la, cause Mr. Ng was so sporting all of a sudden. Haha. And Friday, which is today and it was so so funny. I am actually laughing right now thinking bout it XD but I'm not gonna mention it here or anything. So, study week next week, extra classes on Tuesday and Wednesday I think and exams will begin after next week. So all the best, guys! =D

Ohya, been chatting with Yan Ming this evening, talking bout those old songs. Well, not those really old songs, songs that I used to listen when I was younger. Haha, and listening to them again at this age makes me so happy =D. Been downloading those songs dengan semangatnya then NO ELECTRICITY! great~! Jessica said I have to 'burn midnight-oil' tonight as in burn midnight oil for the light? Haha. But, I managed to update my blog now. So no point complaining anymore right? So yea, some song recommendations! Those songs Yan Ming and I korek out and more similar songs.

1. Nine Days - Story of a Girl
2. Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want
3. Third Eye Blind - Semi Charmed Life
4. Train - Drops of Jupiter
5. Tal Bachman - She's so High
6. Smash Mouth - All Star
7. Goo goo Dolls - Iris
8. Blink 182 - I Miss You
9. Blink 182 - All The Small Things
10. Bowling for Soup - 1985

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