Back in Kampar!
Monday, August 4, 2008 21:05

Back in Kampar! Met all my friends, yay! Haha, Aaron is happy again =). So anyway, lectures as usual. Went to Block A right after lecture, planned to complete our Chemistry report today, which is an impossible thing to do. It seems like UTAR's renovating Block A, I mean the place where we used to hang out. Won't be able to go there anymore =(

In Block A

Went for lunch after that, and it was like 15 minutes before the next lecture. OMG! We met the girls when we were on the way there and we're save! At lease we know we're not late, we must never be late for Physics! Haha. Attended lecture as usual, and have you guys ever wondered what Daniel was doing during Physics lecture? Have a look =P

Any ideas? =D

too free? =P

Yeap, he was taking photos of our L and P license. LOL? Incase you're wondering, what are those files above his head for? " block the light and have a better photo quality la", says Daniel! Haha, so we proceeded to the library after the last lecture to complete our report once again. Brought the whole bottle of mentos inside and we planned to go for some exercise at about 5pm.

My report + Mentos! Sour mix! >.<

Went for basketball right after that till dinner time. And I realized that I left my pencil box somewhere in the campus. Crap man, my stuffs! Luckily nothing important there, just my calculator, teruk la! Gotta hunt for it next morning! Walked back home after that and we found some funny and unique looking water bottle. We actually picked it up to have a look.

Digi! =P

Yeap, went back after dinner. Headache! Ohya, and i realized I forgotten that I still owe someone a lollipop! =P

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