Sunday, August 31, 2008 21:00

Another day in Ipoh and yeap, I wanna go back to Kampar! Do not ask me who do I miss. I miss my friends in Kampar of course! Miss hanging out and having dinner with them =D. As I said, study week! Which is this week, and since extra classes will only be on this Tuesday, parents asked me to stay in Ipoh for another day. But there were some changes, I'll be heading back to Kampar on Monday.

This picture is actually Jia Huei's desktop wallpaper. I saw it this afternoon and it reminds me about this pic we took during our debate and I still love it! So anyway, woke up quite late today since i slept at around 2am. What was I doing? Tried to fix my dumb Internet connection, and I did a little bit of revision. Amazing uh? Aaron studied. LOL. Ohya, went and checked out Daniel's blog and I saw this...

"then we met taufu and lui gor...from that time onwards four of us are always together..."

I remembered that we, Michaelians do not really mix with Sam Tet guys. It's like we could not get along. No offense but thinking back, it's so so different now. Went to UTAR and the only person i knew in my class that time was Daniel. We started to mix around and we got to know these two guys who were actually Sam Tet students. The only 4 guys from Ipoh and we're like so so close now. Who said Michaelians couldn't mix with Sam Tet students? Haha, like Adrian said..."THE FUTURE IS UNPREDICTABLE!"

As I was saying, woke up this morning, went for breakfast and met up with my friends! We ended up in Kopitiam, the 1 behind TESCO. We actually sat there for like 5 to 6 hours! Toufu was already there when i went there. It seems that his phone fell into a pot of soup? or something like that. LMAO! No wonder I can't contact him this morning. Wondered what we did there? Studied? Haha, I actually managed to complete a set of tutorial questions there. People were actually looking at us. The other 3 were onlining, gaming and stuffs. Stayed there for dinner and it was time to go back. Had to fetch Toufu back thou and OMG, the traffic was so so teruk! So many cars, gosh! Drove all the way to somewhere near Taman Syabas and have you guys ever wondered how Toufu's house looks like? LOL! I was like OMG! when i saw his house. Cool~

Aaron says " It is so HUGE!"

And Toufu kept on telling me that his house only looks big from the outside. The designer made it so, the interior is not that big it seems. YEAH RIGHT! A 3 storey house and it is SMALL inside? LOL, headed to Jusco after that. The most 'happening' place in Ipoh? The traffic was like, OMG! *smacks forehead*. Mom called and asked me to get something for dad.

Did not manage to get anything for dad cause Jusco was so so packed. But i managed to get something for myself since I went to Jusco all by myself. *evil laugh*

It's a 'shoe' I bought from S&J and I hung it on to my phone. Haha, cause i need something to hang my pendrive on to. And it sure is expensive but I wanted to buy the 'shoe' a long long time ago but too bad, no money. And yea, this thingy costs...


But I like it, so no point complaining again right? Anyway, the stuffs there are quite okay thou. And my I'm starting to get disconnected again. Really gotta get someone to check my laptop. Till then, tcare!

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